Beast Mode Bundle | KX300F 2010

Auckland Takapuna

Covid Crew Welcome to Heart Break #2

The Formula: Crazy Times + Bold Plays = Dramatic Change

Short story long, I have been living & working out of a van for the last five months which has flipped the game on my prospective and my life goals. Basically Ive decided to auction most of my personal belongings to help fund & grow a new Social Enterprise – VanLand NZ


Unfortunately we as kiwis have lost our connection with the environment and as a result we have unintentionally been abusing it due to the nature of our modern lifestyles. VanLand NZ is a start of a moment for us kiwis to wake up and take ownership over our waste, instead of burying it in the ground or shipping overseas. VL will utilise its recourses to help mitigate waste at the source and work to provide Innovated systems that reuse and recycle.

Lets get it Started!

Beast Mode Bundle | KX300F 2010

Additional Performance Goodies:

Pro Taper Bars
Carbon Fibre Shoie Helmet
AS Custom Designed Graphics
HRK Unbreakable Clutch & Brake
30% Larger Performance Radiators
Zeta Anodised Gear & Brake Levers
Fully Portable Water Blaster Kit 200L
Flow Performance Disk & Calliper Kit
Full Titanium Pro Circuit Exhaust system

AS Custom designed KX250F bored out to 300cc with top of the line goodies, ready for the track. Recently rebuilt engine with about 8 hours on the clock. I have kept a full riders service log of all maintenance and the hours as work was complete.

Bundle Goodies Include:

Knee pads
Bike Stand
Loading rap
Thor Gear Bag
Fuel Container
2x bike tie-downs
Tool box with tools
Gaerne SG-12 Boots – Size US 10
Two sets of riding clothing – Size M

Plenty in this bundle I may have missed some items but I will be heading to Ardmore Racetrack for potential my last ride this weekend. Best to pop down and check it out for yourself.

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