The Elite GTI Experience

Auckland Takapuna

The Formula: Crazy Times + Bold Plays = Real Change

Short story long, I have been living & working out of a van for the last five months which has flipped the game on my perspective and my life goals. Basically I’ve decided to sell most of my personal belongings to help fund and grow a new Social Enterprise – VanLand NZ


Unfortunately we as kiwis have lost our connection with the environment and as a result we have unintentionally been abusing it due to the nature of our modern lifestyles. VanLand NZ is a start of a moment for us kiwis to wake up and take ownership over our waste, instead of burring it in the ground or shipping overseas. VL will utilise its recourses to help mitigate waste at the source and work to provide efficient systems that reuse and recycle. Not a problem we can solve overnight but like all journeys it starts with taking the first step, so here goes:

The Elite GTI Experience

NZ New
2015 Golf GTI Performance Package – 40th Year anniversary edition
Travelled 58,000kms

Performance Package Upgrade – Includes an electronically controlled mechanical limited-slip front differential, larger front and rear brakes and an additional 10 horsepower.

Additional Performance Goodies:

DSG Gear Box Tune
ECU Performance Tune
GTI Lowered Suspension
Rapid Radio Sound System
Nano Tech Paint Protection

I have the service history and all paperwork for all performance goodies which will be provided on completion of sale.

Being a golf enthusiast (4th GTI owned) I felt the GTI looked its best with Mrk 6 rims. This gives you the latest looking shape with the classic styled rims, a sleek point of difference in ever so popular GTI world.

The Nano Tech paint protection is next level finish, photos simply do not do it justice. Not only does it keep the paint protected from NZ harsh UV it makes it a breeze to keep clean. Simply take the car through the car wash and it will look like you have spent hours cleaning and buffing.

Being the performance model, I can’t stress how much of a difference the electronically controlled differential makes to the cars handling response. Insanely smooth in corners and with the additional performance tunes, lowered suspension, sound system & Nanotech you can be sure this is the Elite GTI Experience.

In closing I’m quite a particular individual with OCD tendency’s. The car has always been garage and warmed up before driving, along with all servicing and software updates when needed. It really is sad letting my baby go but it’s for an important cause and I am absolutely certain the new owner will be just as thrilled as I was everytime they get behind the wheel.

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