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Sandra Ioane – a rugby pioneer

Sandra Ioane – a rugby pioneer QUICK TAP: CANTERBURY AND COUNTIES MANUKAU HEAD THE FPC Her Masters degree in Sports Marketing gave her some intellectual gravitas for the position she now holds but it was her interest in her children’s activities that paved the way. That interest marks her as possibly a little different to.. […]

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Maison ERG

Maison ERG   Formerly used to house railroad workers, a hundred-year-old Swiss dwelling has been reimagined as a modern mountain residence. Built in 1911, Maison ERG is situated in the Alps of Montreux. Although most of the interior has been completely renovated, the original iron and walnut staircase remains intact. Hallow grids inserted into the.. […]

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Dog Dream House

Dog Dream House   With its clean lines and green roof, the Dog Dream House is for the architecturally-savvy pooch. The design-forward canine quarters features a timber construction and sloped canopy that will make owners envious. Along the side, a planted ramp leads to a grass roof equipped with a motion-activated watering system to keep.. […]

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